Music & Smaples of Music by Denny TJ Barch

Music.... As It Happens
This is the Musical Compositions Page for Denny TJ Barch.
Here you will find the ever increasing works, available to you,
as composed by Denny Barch. Please be free to contact him by
use of the email feature found on the contact area.

Thank you very much for viewing my work. Thank you in advance
for choosing a piece for yourself. I hope you enjoy playing and or
performing, as much as I enjoyed composing and playing each one myself!


13 March 2015, Article

On Having A Musical Moral Compass

On Having A Musical Moral Compass As an inherent lover of the classical forms of composed music, I have learned, perhaps even taught myself, to listen to as much of the music as is humanly possible to hear. In using the term “classical forms”, my ...

13 March 2015, Article

So, Why Compose An OPERA?

SO, Why Compose An OPERA? When I first figured out how a computer could assist me with the task of notating music, in a real and concrete way, I quickly developed a few habits and patterns of behavior. I could go online and download a particular ...